Inspired by the loss of my dear old nan…

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The next piece I am going to work on is inspired by my 94 year old nan, who died suddenly last Sunday. Even though she was a ripe old age, I think we are all still in shock as a family. My nan was the head of our family, and ‘family’ is what she was… Read more »

“Get This Through Your Head You”…

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GET THIS THROUGH YOUR HEAD YOU - Nicky (Joe Pesci) confronts Ace (Robert De Niro) in the Nevada desert in a classic scene from 1995 film "Casino". Painted on 20" x 16" box canvas in standard b&w acrylic. (MAY 2014)

I was going to begin this second year of painting by experimenting with colour…but i just don’t feel the time is right yet – I am still loving the black and white effect, its so much more classy/polished. So, at the end of April I started this piece, taken from the scene in “Casino” where… Read more »