The Story of George Floyd

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THE STORY OF GEORGE FLOYD - tried my hand at a bit of abstract art, using a very simple technique to tell a very tragic story. 18x14" stretched canvas in acrylics (31st MAY 2020)

Abstract piece inspired by recent events across the pond, being painted on a 24×18″ canvas… 1hr30… Completed after 3hrs… It’s absolutely simplistic in its creation, leaving the viewer to decide what’s what. For those who might be unsure, each coloured shape represents a person. In the centre of the piece is the murder of George… Read more »

‘Anna & Dad’ commission

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Special present for a 40th birthday, on a 16×20″ stretched canvas 06/05/20: 1hr… 09/05/20: 2hrs30… 12/05/20: 3hrs45… 15/05/20: 4hrs15… 16/06/20: 4hrs45… 26/06/20: 6hrs… 29/06/20: 8hrs… 1/7/20: 10hrs30… 2/7/20: 13hrs30… 4/7/20: completed after roughly 17hrs…