Inspired by the loss of my dear old nan…

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The next piece I am going to work on is inspired by my 94 year old nan, who died suddenly last Sunday. Even though she was a ripe old age, I think we are all still in shock as a family. My nan was the head of our family, and ‘family’ is what she was… Read more »

“Get This Through Your Head You”…

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GET THIS THROUGH YOUR HEAD YOU - Nicky (Joe Pesci) confronts Ace (Robert De Niro) in the Nevada desert in a classic scene from 1995 film "Casino". Painted on 20" x 16" box canvas in standard b&w acrylic. (MAY 2014)

I was going to begin this second year of painting by experimenting with colour…but i just don’t feel the time is right yet – I am still loving the black and white effect, its so much more classy/polished. So, at the end of April I started this piece, taken from the scene in “Casino” where… Read more »

It all began exactly one year ago…

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So i finished my latest painting, “The Tactician and The Magician”, exactly a year to the the day that I started and completed my very first painting, “The Trader”, back on April 18th 2013. What a productive year! Looking back, I am extremely happy at most of the end results and I think that first… Read more »

Second ‘sport-themed’ piece – “The Tactician and The Magician”…

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THE TACTICIAN AND THE MAGICIAN - Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers and the remarkable Luis Suarez, in b&w acrylic on 18" x 14" box canvas (MAR/APR 2014)

After Luis Suarez scored his third hat-trick of the season in yesterday’s 6-3 win away to Cardiff, it’s time I payed homage to both him and his manager Brendan Rodgers, both of whom are responsible for the rapid improvement in Liverpool’s performances/results this season. The reason I chose this photo is because it captures Brendan’s… Read more »

One for me – “My Fair Lady”

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MY FAIR LADY - I had to paint an Audrey Hepburn piece for myself after thoroughly enjoying painting the commissioned "Audrey" piece last time. Again it's in b&w acrylic on 18" x 14" box canvas (MAR 2014) SOLD at Galleria, Rainhill for £180.00 in Dec '15

I’ve become slightly emphatuated with Audrey Hepburn since my last commission, so I am going to paint a portrait of her for myself next. Another, less-common picture…                                                 (01/03/14) 25 min sketch… Read more »

Another commissioned piece, “Audrey”, stage by stage…

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AUDREY - commissioned piece for a friend's mums birthday. Audrey Hepburn, done from a rather obscure photo, in standard b&w acrylic on 18" x 14" box canvas (FEB 2014) SOLD

Having been asked to do a painting of the very iconic Audrey Hepburn, I’ve selected this photograph to work from. I love her coy little smile and also the way the background is out of focus (making Audrey the centre of attention), similar to the “Gatsby” painting I recently completed. I’m really looking forward to… Read more »

“Jokerman” in progress…

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JOKERMAN - Heath Ledger as 'The Joker' from "The Dark Knight", commissioned piece done in b&w acrylic on an 18" x 14" box canvas (JAN 2014) SOLD

(05/01/14) Basic sketch done in 15 mins, 18″ x 14″ canvas…               (06/01/14) 45 mins done this morning and really coming on quick…               (07/01/14) Unhappy how this hours session has resulted, if I’m honest. Not enough likeness yet…        … Read more »

“Gatsby” in progress…

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GATSBY - standard b&w acyrlic on 18" x 14" box canvas, Leonardo Di Caprio in iconic scene from "The Great Gatsby" (JAN 2014)

(05/01/14) Basic sketch taking 10 mins, 18″ x 14″ canvas…               (06/01/14) 30 mins of throwing down the base colours…               (06/01/14) Another 30 mins today, shaping and shading…               (07/01/14) An hour done this morning. Gettin… Read more »

2014 begins, working on two pieces at once…

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The photo on the left of Leonardo Di Caprio in “The Great Gatsby” is what I shall be working from, as an experiment on capturing expression, of which his is fantastic in this picture. The photo on the right is of Heath Ledger as ‘The Joker’ from Batman, and I shall be painting this as… Read more »