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Once again, I’ve had a dream that has inspired me. This is kinda spooky though! The dream consisted of me being with a group of friends somewhere and a girl dressed as a hotel chambermaid was talking to a couple of friends about getting a painting done. They called me over and I looked at the photo she wanted painting and I gave her a ridiculously cheap quote, so it was definitely a dream! Who was in the photo? It was …Jennifer Aniston!!? She was dressed in black lingerie and looking damn fine!

Now, there is no reason in the world I can think of why Jennifer Aniston would be in my head. I’ve not watched anything with her in for a long time and she’s not one of my celebrity crushes so I woke up baffled. However, knowing how my dreams have influenced me in previous years (for instance, the ‘Beatlejuice’ idea came from a dream), I decided to consider painting ol’Jen and began to google a few images. And what did I discover? It turns out that ‘Friends’ was first aired 25 years ago in September! What are the chances?! Quarter of a century ago, one of the greatest US sitcoms of all time was born! So, there it is. My next piece will be a celebration of all six main characters, to commemorate this anniversary. And all this coming from the most random of dreams. Crazy!


12/02/19: background painted in 5-10 mins…


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