MY FAIR LADY - I had to paint an Audrey Hepburn piece for myself after thoroughly enjoying painting the commissioned "Audrey" piece last time. Again it's in b&w acrylic on 18" x 14" box canvas (MAR 2014) SOLD at Galleria, Rainhill for £180.00 in Dec '15

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I’ve become slightly emphatuated with Audrey Hepburn since my last commission, so I am going to paint a portrait of her for myself next. Another, less-common picture…

audrey-hepburn 2













My Fair Lady 25mins













(01/03/14) 25 min sketch

My Fair Lady 1hr15













(01/03/14) After 1hr15

My Fair Lady 4hrs45













(05/03/14) After 4hr45

My Fair Lady 9hrs15













(06/03/14) Another 2hrs15 done tonight. Very tiresome but productive day!

My Fair Lady 13hrs













(09/03/14) Just over an hour done yesterday afternoon, and another 90 mins today.

My Fair Lady 18hrs













(16/03/14) 21hrs30 done and so close to completion. The hair needs more detail and a bit more touching up in the background – should be finished in the next session or two.

My Fair Lady













(20/03/14) With the last couple of strokes done this morning, “My Fair Lady” is all finished after a total of approximately 25hrs45. I am very happy with the final result, there is not much I’d change or try to improve on. And the likeness is not too far off, which is probably the most important thing. Another thing I’m happy with is the overall brightness of the piece, something which, in hindsight, I realise is severely lacking in some of my previous work (in particular the “Gatsby” painting). I think this piece is a good way to round off my first year of painting, setting a benchmark for the forthcoming 12 months.

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