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Abstract piece inspired by recent events across the pond, being painted on a 24×18″ canvas…


Completed after 3hrs…

It’s absolutely simplistic in its creation, leaving the viewer to decide what’s what.
For those who might be unsure, each coloured shape represents a person. In the centre of the piece is the murder of George Floyd taking place, at the hands on one police officer and the three others passively watching (the four blue circles).
Including George, there are 50 black and white circles in the piece representing citizens from across every state in America, all coming together to protest against the authorities carrying out these type of murders on a regular basis.

All the blue circles represent the police, backed up by white supremacists (the white circles with pointy hats on), who form a protective shield around the most irresponsible, incompetent and complicit figure in America’s social decline – Donald Trump.

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