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It’s been a great week in terms of the business side of things rather than the creative, which is a balance I realise needs to be found more consistently if I am going to succeed.
I went out on Wednesday to a couple of businesses, pretty much cold-calling, and although no sale was made I think some positive leads were made, which I’ll follow up soon.
So, undeterred, on the Thursday I changed tact and went into town to approach specific bars and pubs, presenting my “Nice and Cool” prints (whilst also enjoying a few halves of lager on the way with my cousin and his wife!.
There is now one hanging in the perfect place, above the hatch in the Empire pub on Wood Street…


After a few drinks back at my cousins, I got a taxi home but decided to give Lark Lane a shot, envisioning the Albert as an ideal pub to have my “Nice and Cool” piece on show. It was the best thing I could have done!

There were some smashing people in there and I managed to sell another 4 prints!

One very trusting lad called Michael even GAVE ME £20 and asked me to drop an Audrey Hepburn print off at his work when I could! I’d sold out of them at that point. I went and picked up the last “My Fair Lady” print I had left from the Misty21 gallery the very next morning and dropped the print off with Michael at his work. Only in Liverpool would that happen. I love Lark Lane and in particular the Albert. Brilliant!

To top things off, my third art market today (Sat 13th June) with Calidad was a success. First time in Woolton and managed to sell 3 prints despite it being probably quieter than the previous two events in Lark Lane police station.

This week has shown me first hand that hard work, belief and a few bevvies can do wonders for your sales! 😀

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