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This time last year, thanks to a great initial suggestion by a friend of mine (Tony Donaghey), I was fortunate enough to get one of my Bob Dylan prints signed/customised by Wayne Coyne (Flaming Lips) at Liverpool Sound City ’15, which was then auctioned on Ebay with 100% of the proceeds going to Claire House Hospice, the suggested charity of the very affable CEO of Sound City, David Pichilingi, who made it all possible.

This year…WE GO AGAIN!!!

This time, however, I’ve been much more prepared with something SPECIFIC with a real purpose in mind and I’m fortunate to once again have the support and help of David, despite him being the very busy main man in charge of the entire Sound City event! Top bloke!


So, as soon as I heard Pete Doherty was one of the headliners of Sound City ’16, I began painting – the piece I did of Pete was done from a photograph which I selected purposely to show more than what the media often portrays of him – here we can see the brooding, smoking, indie-rock icon looking cool as f*ck but then we also have an indication of his delicate, caring, sensitive side as he cradles a young kitten (a side which often comes out in his lyrics but which the general population usually fail to recognize or acknowledge). I also chose this subject to paint because it relates to one of the charities the proceeds of the sale will be going to.

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PETE 'N PUSS - after seeing that Pete Doherty is due to headline Liverpool's Sound City festival this May, i decided to paint him in the hope of doing a similar charity project like last year with Wayne Coyne. This is done on a small 12x9" box canvas in acrylics (APR '16) TO BE AUCTIONED MAY/JUNE

The aim is hopefully to get Pete to personally sign this original painting (to boost its value) but if that doesnt materialise, I am still going to auction the piece regardless, with 100% of proceeds again going to charity – whereas last year the entire rather modest amount raised went to Claire House hospice (a great charity for children who are terminally ill with cancer), this year I am expecting a much higher figure from the auction, so I am going to donate 50% to Claire House and the other 50% to a charity close to my own heart, the RSPCA, (who are unfortunately having to euthanize record numbers of unwanted healthy cats and dogs each year and need all the help they can get).





In early April, I dropped off the original painting with David Pichilingi at the Sound City offices, so hopefully there will be a nice extra squiggle on it when I pick it up after the event (which runs from 28th-29th May) and then I can release details of the auction.

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David Pichilingi with Pete n Puss

If you are reading this blog, PLEASE share it and spread the word – whether you like Pete Doherty or you like cats, whether you would like to help towards stopping healthy animals being destroyed or whether you would like to do your bit to try and help terminally ill children have a better quality of life, bidding in this auction will be your great deed for the year and of course you could be the proud owner of an original piece of unique artwork! UPDATES TO FOLLOW

So I didn’t get to see Pete playing Sound City as I was babysitting my nephew as part of a wedding present to my brother and his wife. Slightly gutted to say the least but I will hopefully find out in the next day or two if the painting got signed and then we’ll have more of an idea of what kind of figure we can realistically hope to achieve

Heard from David and unfortunately the piece didn’t get signed but no matter, the auction still goes ahead as planned. Updates to follow once I’ve got the piece back

Well I finally got around to getting the painting back this week, so I can start sorting out how best to auction it to maximise exposure and, effectively, money. I think I’ve got a great idea so we’ll see. Aiming for 1st August

The “auction” is over and a total of £112.00 was raised, nearly 3 times as much as last year! Instead of an EBay auction, I set up a “just giving” page where the donations went directly to the charity…

The way I worked this “auction” was simple…whoever donates the most wins the painting. It was a semi success! The donations were great, the winner being a famous singer who wishes to remain anonymous. She donated purely for the cause and instructed me to give the painting to the donator who finished 2nd. That was Tony Donaghey, he who initially suggested to me last year to get the Liverpool Sound City bands to sign my work and auction it for charity. HE TOO DIDN’T WANT THE PETE DOHERTY PAINTING (not a popular figure I now realise!) so instead he received the set of four “Beatlejuice Collection” greeting cards I’ve recently released. Much more up his street, considering he’s been running the ‘Liverpool Bands’ website and Facebook for years. Many thanks to everyone who donated, shared the page/event and spread the word.
Next year, we go again? ?


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