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2020, the year that never was, is over! Yes, we are still in the midst of uncertainty with very limited freedoms but a new year always brings a fresh perspective and optimism. On a personal level, the events of 2020 forced me to be more honest with myself regarding the sustainability of this business, having to give up my little shop unit within a popular indoor Liverpool market being the inevitable outcome in November.

However, with the world being locked up, it meant my internet sales leading up to Christmas were 4-5 times that of 2019, which softened the blow of losing the shop unit.

Another aspect I was forced to admit was that painting itself has become an unenjoyable chore to me, besides one or two commissions which were great to tackle. So, this early part of 2021 will involve much soul-searching, revaluation and decision-making before I even consider putting paint on canvas again. Nothing worse than simply “going through the motions” – I want to feel passion for painting again. Hopefully 2021 will provide the necessary inspiration!

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