2014 begins, working on two pieces at once…

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The photo on the left of Leonardo Di Caprio in “The Great Gatsby” is what I shall be working from, as an experiment on capturing expression, of which his is fantastic in this picture. The photo on the right is of Heath Ledger as ‘The Joker’ from Batman, and I shall be painting this as… Read more »

Merry Christmas :)

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Amongst all of the nice gifts I received from loved ones today, I got these two great presents… I’m sure they will both be inspiring and educational and it should be interesting to see if, and how, my style evolves after reading and studying the techniques in the one book and appreciating the masterpieces in… Read more »

Next up…”Papa Burgundy”!

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PAPA BURGUNDY - Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) from the original Anchorman movie, in black and white acrylic on a 16" x 12" canvas (DEC 2013)

With the imminent release of Anchorman 2 this month I can think of nobody better to paint than the legend himself, Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell). I’m really looking forward to starting this one tonight, particularly because the image I have chosen has a lot of background detail which most of my previous pieces have lacked…. Read more »

“Creep” in progress

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CREEP - Radiohead lead singer Thom Yorke in b&w acrylic on 16" x 12" canvas (DEC 2013)

Been listening to a few of my old musical influences lately, one of which being Radiohead, so I’ve decided to paint Thom Yorke (as he looked during Radiohead’s peak because when I searched for images it scared me how much he has aged, the beard and long straggly hair don’t do him any favours!)  … Read more »

“Eva” in progress

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EVA - a larger than usual 18" x 14" box canvas in b&w acrylic of actress Eva Mendes (NOV 2013)

After finishing another Denzel piece, I’ve decided to have a go at one of his gorgeous co-stars from “Man On Fire” – Eva Mendes. And this is the start, a fifteen minute quick sketch on a larger than usual 18″x 14″ canvas (03/11/13)… After 45 mins, looking nothing at all like the subject yet!(05/11/13)… After… Read more »

“Denzel” in progress

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DENZEL - painted as a gift for my mums birthday this coming December, acrylic on 12" x 9" box canvas (OCT 2013) SOLD

Doing this piece as a surprise birthday gift for me mum – Denzel Washington is her favourite actor And this is the start, a five minute quick sketch on 12″x9″ box canvas (23/10/13)… And another 25 mins later (23/10/13)… Another 30 mins today has really made am impression, very happy so far (24/10/13)… (29/10/13) After… Read more »

Other work in progress

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This was started at the beginning of October and is now completed, 10 hours work across about 3 weeks.(It’s a piece commissioned by a good friend which is not in keeping with my “Icon Art” that I am specializing in, but a favour is a favour and I have been more than happy to work… Read more »

“Top Boy” in progress

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TOP BOY - actor Ashley Walters on 16" x 12" x 1.5" box canvas in b&w acrylic. Not a good likeness at all, really struggled with this for some reason (OCT 2013)

No real reason for choosing to paint Ashey Walters except that I had been watching the second series of ‘Top Boy’ a few weeks ago and i saw this picture of the lead character which I think will look good on my (or someone elses) wall. And this is where we are at after an… Read more »

“T” sold

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I let my Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini) piece go this week, for the sum of 50.00GBP. This is a fair bit cheaper than what I currently charge but I based this fee on the level of detail in the painting.

“Heisenberg” completed!

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After approximately 12 hours work, Walter White aka “Heisenberg” comes to life! Very happy with the results and I’ve actually grown quite attached to old Walter! I think I now know what a surrogate mother must feel like having to give away the baby after she’s carried it for 9 months! 😀