Another Everton piece?

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Yep, my stockists are asking for more Everton cards so I am obliging and painting their Brazilian idol Richarlison *I can only paint someone whose name I can use in a “funny” birthday card greeting 15 mins… 45 mins… 1hr15… 2hrs15… 20/10/21: completed after 3hrs30…

Everton Christmas card

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I was buzzing when I came up with this idea, I think it will be one of my best Christmas cards! 15 mins… 30 mins… 1hr… 1hr45… 12/09/21: 2hrs15… 13/09/21: 3hrs15… 14/09/21: completed after roughly 4hrs45…

First Xmas card design for 2021!

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Yes, I know it’s only July!! Need a new range ready for September though, only 6 weeks away! First one, one of the liver birds, being painted on 12×9″ canvas… 2hrs… 2hrs45… 19/07/21: 4hrs30… 31/07/21: completed after around 5 hours overall…


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Inspired by his passion and leadership during the Euro 2020 tournament, this 18×24″ painting will be a tribute to Andy Robertson 30mins… 10/07/21: 1hr… 14/07/21: 2hrs… 27/07/21: 3hrs…

New direction begins – Chester Zoo Lion

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CZL watermarked

Having spoken to a friend who is an amazing wildlife photographer, she has given her permission for me to paint some of her images (in return for a small percentage of each sale). I finally feel like I am doing something pure and something that rewards the creativity of both me as the painter and… Read more »

Time for a change

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This week has been a bit of an eye-opener and not really in a good way, to be honest. I’ve been preparing for a big push, getting my greeting card range in numerous post offices/independent retailers in Liverpool and beyond. Before beginning this campaign, I did my due diligence and researched a little deeper into… Read more »

‘Brassic’ card design

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Series 3 of this brilliantly funny series should be out this year so just getting the portrait of main actor Joseph Gilgun done now in plenty of time. On 12×9″ canvas as usual 15 mins… 1hr… 8/5/21: 2hrs15… 10/5/21: completed after roughly 3hrs30 overall…

‘Call The Midwife’ card design

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Following the roaring success of the ‘Line of Duty’ cards, I’m tackling another long-running BBC series. ‘Call The Midwife’ is now up to series 10, with 3 more series already commissioned. This painting is on a 12×9″ canvas and will be used for birthday cards and possibly “new baby’ cards (more appropriate) 45mins… 1hr30… 2hrs15…… Read more »

‘Fabinho’ card design

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F watermarked

Getting into a nice creative flow now. This one is being painted on a 12×9″ stretched canvas, same as all the previous Liverpool FC personnel I painted in the run up to Christmas… 22/03/21: 30mins… 1hr15… 2hrs… 23/03/21: Completed after roughly 4hrs overall…

First new card design of 2021 in progress…

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To coincide with the long-awaited return of ‘Line of Duty’ on 21st March, I’ll be painting “Ted Hastings”, “Steve Arnott” & “Kate Fleming” solely for the purposes of a new birthday card design (to be ready for 21st March ideally) 01/03/21: 30 mins… 1hr30… 02/03/21: 2hrs30… 03/03/21: 3hrs30… 04/03/21: 4hrs45… 05/03/21: 6hrs15… 08/03/21: 7hrs15… 09/03/21:… Read more »