‘Kylian Mbappe’

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Trying out a “bare minimum” technique today to be able to knock out lots of new work for greeting card design mainly. Seeing as it’s the Champions League final tomorrow, thought I’d have a go at one of the iconic players who’ll feature using a 12×9″ canvas… 30mins… 1hr… 1hr30… 2hrs45 completed!… I left the… Read more »

July commission

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12×9″ stretched canvas in b&w acrylics 30 mins… 2hrs… 21/07/20: 3hrs15… 23/07/20: 4hrs30… 24/07/20: 5hrs45… 26/07/20: 6hrs45… 29/07/20: 8hrs15… 09/08/20: 9hrs15… 12/08/20: completed after 11hrs roughly…

Artwork explained – ‘the Survivor’

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This is one of the original paintings currently on display at my shop unit (Suede Galerie) inside Red Brick Market, Liverpool. This is the story behind ‘The Survivor’: (Click images to enlarge) This is one of the most personal pieces I’ve painted – I was once a dog warden back in 2009, working for a… Read more »

The Story of George Floyd

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Abstract piece inspired by recent events across the pond, being painted on a 24×18″ canvas… 1hr30… Completed after 3hrs… It’s absolutely simplistic in its creation, leaving the viewer to decide what’s what. For those who might be unsure, each coloured shape represents a person. In the centre of the piece is the murder of George… Read more »

‘Anna & Dad’ commission

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Special present for a 40th birthday, on a 16×20″ stretched canvas 06/05/20: 1hr… 09/05/20: 2hrs30… 12/05/20: 3hrs45… 15/05/20: 4hrs15… 16/06/20: 4hrs45… 26/06/20: 6hrs… 29/06/20: 8hrs… 1/7/20: 10hrs30… 2/7/20: 13hrs30… 4/7/20: completed after roughly 17hrs…


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I’m marking off the days we are officially on “lockdown”, which began on 24th March 2020. This will serve as the background to a piece that is, as yet, completely unplanned and unknown, hopefully inspired by events over the coming days/weeks. I found a half used tub of magnolia emulsion which I used to paint… Read more »

Coronavirus pandemic

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I’m worried. I’m worried because we aren’t taking this seriously. Today was St Patrick’s Day and although the parade in Liverpool was postponed, I’m sure there were still thousands of revellers out celebrating in the pubs and bars. One last hurrah before we are inevitably ordered by the government to remain indoors. Nothing against people… Read more »

Trent Alexander-Arnold…

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This lad has been a revelation and will surely be liverpool captain one day. In this title winning season, Trent has more than earned the right to be painted! 17/02/20: 25mins… 1hr30… 05/03/20: 2hrs30… 10/03/20: 3hrs… 11/03/20: 4hrs… 28/03/20: 5hrs… 29/03/20: 6hrs… 05/04/20: Completed after roughly 8hrs…


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Decided to paint a couple of the outstanding Liverpool players this season. First up, Virgil Van Dijk… 26/01/20: 30mins… 27/01/20: 1hr30… 28/01/20: 1hr45… 3hrs… 06/02/20: 5hrs30… 07/02/20: Completed after roughly 7hrs…


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‘Valerie’ is back on! This will be the second attempt at the second piece in a series I want to create, which are all inspired by the first lines of songs. In this case…”Well sometimes I go out by myself, and I look across the water” (‘Valerie’ by The Zutons) Working from this photo …… Read more »