Approaching Spring …


I absolutely love the Spring, it is the best time of year. It always brings fresh hope, inspiration and a sense of optimism (something the world really needs right now!)

Throughout the Winter, I’ve mainly been working on product design, so I am hoping to pick up the paint brush again once the trees start to blossom and new life emerges once again (not that I actually paint any of that sort of thing haha!)

In the meantime, I hope to have a totally revamped range of birthday card designs available in my online shop over the next couple of weeks – these designs feature bolder fonts than their predecessors which are much more eye-catching and I am really happy to have found a supplier of compostable cellophane bags for them! Recycling & environmental consideration is something very important to me in both business & personal aspects of life, so things are heading in the right direction for “I Con Art” in 2021.

Here’s hoping to some sort of normality by the summer!



So, who IS Stephen Mahoney?

I was born in the notoriously creative city of Liverpool back in 1978, where I still live today in the beautiful Sefton Park area. It wasn’t until April of 2013 that I took up painting, purely on a whim, one life-changing night when it finally dawned on me that I needed to find a hobby more productive and less costly than online poker!



What does he do, exactly?

Fine art portrait paintings, created primarily in black & white acrylics on stretched canvases


And the prices?

Prices start from £99.00 for a 12×9″ (approximately A4 size) canvas original. The example pictured below was painted on the most popular 18×14″ size, which prices start from £199.00

YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL - my third painting of Lana Del Rey, this one done to capture what the other two didn't...her gorgeous eyes. Done in acrylics on an 18x14" box canvas in roughly 7hrs30 (12th SEPT '17) Currently NOT FOR SALE


So, how does it work?

All work is patiently carried out from photographs, with visual updates on the stages of development being continually sent throughout the process, right up to the point of completion

A small deposit is initially required, with the remaining balance only due once the painting is complete and has been fully approved by the client. For information on purchasing original artwork and commission enquiries, please use the “contact” page at the top to submit your questions/requests or email: You will receive a response usually within 24hrs. International enquiries more than welcome


Why “I Con Art”?

The trading name “I Con Art” derives from the fact that I don’t have any training or art qualifications to speak of but more specifically relates to the subject matter of my commercially-focused pieces – I have an ever-expanding portfolio of work that features iconic figures and scenes from the world of cinema, television, music and sport.  My favourite subjects to paint are iconic people as well as beautiful animals, an example of which is illustrated perfectly below…



Thank you for visiting my website. Please take your time, have a browse through the gallery pages and, if you see anything you like, visit the “shop” section to see the full range of prints and merchandise available.