…by Stephen Mahoney

I was born in the notoriously creative city of Liverpool back in 1978, where I still live today, currently located in the artistic paradise of Sefton Park. It wasn’t until April 2013 that I took up painting, purely on a whim, one fateful night when it finally dawned on me that I needed to find a hobby less dangerous than online poker (something which I was spending most of my spare time and money on).


Now a full-time portrait painter trading under the name “I Con Art” (derived from the subject matter of my commercially-focused pieces and coupled with the fact I don’t have any training or art qualifications to speak of), one of my favourite subjects to paint are striking, iconic people and beautiful animals, an example of which is illustrated perfectly below…

(Click image to enlarge)


For information, commission enquiries and quotations, email iconartenquiries@yahoo.com or use the “contact” page at the top and I’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.